Call API Endpoints with Insomnia

This page demonstrates how to use Insomnia to make API calls. For instructions about how to use Insomnia, see Introduction to Insomnia (Insomnia documentation).


The example below shows how to enable Data Portability via Update S3 Export Enrollment and how to List S3 Export Enrollment configuration via GET request. The steps are identical for all other API endpoints, and vary only in request URL and request payload.

  1. Enter your Threat Stack user ID, REST API key, and organization ID to authenticate via Hawk Auth.



    Select the VALIDATE PAYLOAD checkbox for API calls which contain request payload. Failure to do so results in a 401 error response even if all other values are correct.Screen_Shot_2022-10-07_at_4.17.02_PM.png

  2. Ensure all the necessary fields are populated correctly inside the request JSON.


  3. To execute the API call, press the Send button. Successful calls return a 200 OK response JSON that contains your current enrollment configuration.


  4. After configuring Data Portability via Update S3 Export Enrollment, use List S3 Export Enrollment to display the current configuration and confirm that Data Portability enrollment was successful.

    A successful call returns a 200 OK response JSON that shows the current enrollment configuration.


    The endpoint returns successful non-empty string if the configuration is properly set up. A misconfigured enrollment results in an empty [] payload.


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