Gather a HAR file


HAR (HTTP archive format) files provide a way to track requests and responses between your web browser and the backend where resources are hosted. This can be useful to track website performance issues or display issues within the user interface. F5 Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection (AIP) also captures HAR files for our user experience team for issues or bugs, or to help troubleshoot secure sign-on (SSO) or authentication issues.



The following steps are specific to Google Chrome, the recommended browser for Distributed Cloud AIP. These steps may vary slightly if you use a different browser.

  1. In your browser, launch Developer Tools (In Mac OS, View > Developer > Developer Tools).
  2. Click the Network tab, then select the checkbox for Preserve Log.
  3. Refresh the page to re-create the issue on the web page. A series of HTTP requests displays in the Developer Tools window.
  4. Right-click anywhere within the request and select Save all as HAR with content.


In this example, the HTTP requests are specific to the dashboard page in your organization. The number and location of requests may vary from page to page.

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