Alert Webhooks API


API Basics

F5 Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection (AIP) offers two types of APIs: Webhooks and REST API.

The Webhooks API pushes trigger-based alerts to a specific URL and/or URL and port, and allows Distributed Cloud AIP users to operationalize the alerts in near-real time.



The REST API allows the user to write queries to access Distributed Cloud AIP information about organization-specific information. For more information, see the API Documentation.

Distributed Cloud AIP Webhooks for Alerts

Webhooks allow Distributed Cloud AIP users to send trigger-based alerts to a specific URL and operationalize the alert data in near-real time. Distributed Cloud AIP sends alert details in JSON format through HTTPS Post.

Using the Alert Webhooks API requires:

  • webhook network access (whitelisting)
  • a third-party service – such as Zapier,, or IFTTT – to integrate Distributed Cloud AIP Alert Webhooks into your existing applications and workflows.

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