Agent 1.x Series Commands

The Linux Agent 1.x series supports the Command Line commands in the table below.

Agent 1.x series command Description of command
sudo cloudsight setup --name=value Link the Agent with the Threat Stack backend
sudo cloudsight start Start the Threat Stack Agent
sudo cloudsight stop Stop the Threat Stack Agent
sudo cloudsight status Get the status of the Threat Stack Agent
sudo cloudsight config enable_containers=1 Enable container monitoring
cloudsight config enable_kubes=1 Enable Kubernetes monitoring
sudo cloudsight config log_level=debug Change the logging level of the Threat Stack Agent.

Allowable values:

  • fatal
  • error
  • warn
  • info
  • debug
  • trace
cloudsight config disable_audit_log_read=1 Disable the writing of Threat Stack Agent audit logs to tsauditd.log
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