Threat Stack Cloud Security PlatformⓇ (CSP) Data Collection

Threat Stack collects customer data through the Threat Stack CSP, and maintains that information on its systems. For more information about our policies for protecting your information, please see our privacy policy and security policy.


Threat Stack also collects information from your Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts that you integrate with Threat Stack. The Threat Stack AWS integrations are read only policies for a cross account trust with Threat Stack.

User Data
  • User's email address
  • User's name
    • First and last name
  • Integration platform account details
    • PagerDuty
    • Slack
    • VictorOps
    • Custom webhooks
  • Billing information (if applicable)
    • Threat Stack never stores or receives credit card and payment information on its systems. We’ve partnered with a third-party, PCI-certified vendor for credit card processing.
  • Amazon Resource Name (ARN) roles for AWS integrations
Event Data
  • User activity
    • Logins
    • Commands ran by users and services, including arguments
    • File access, modifications, deletions and creations
    • CloudTrail activity
  • Infrastructure information
    • Host IP addresses
    • Cloud provider host metadata, such as:
      • Instance IDs
      • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
      • EC2 tags
      • Region
      • Security group
      • Subnet
      • Image ID
      • Key name
      • Instance type
      • AWS account
    • Package information

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