Upgrade AppSec Microagent

Threat Stack releases regular updates to the Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring microagents. These updates typically add additional protection for your applications, improve agent performance, and fix known issues. You should upgrade your applications to use the most recent microagent version.

Upgrade Node.js Microagent

From the Command Line window in the application directory (typically where the package.json is located), run the following command:

npm install https://pkg.threatstack.com/appsec/node/bluefyre-agent-node-latest.tgz
Upgrade Python Microagent
    1. In the left navigation bar of the Threat Stack Cloud Security PlatformⓇ (CSP), select the Applications tab
    2. In the right view pane, the AppSec Monitoring page displays. Navigate to the Agent download page.
    3. Click the Download Agent button.


    4. From the Download Agent screen, select the appropriate distribution for your environment.
      • You can either click the Download button or copy the download link.


    5. From the Command Line window, run the following command:
      pip install URL_or_PATH_TO_DOWNLOADED_FILE

Replace URL_or_PATH_TO_DOWNLOADED_FILE with the link or path for the downloaded file.

Upgrade Ruby Microagent

From the Command Line window, run the following command:

bundle update threatstack-agent-ruby
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