Wrong ruleset imported during command line agent registration


If you register Agents through the command line and the wrong rulesets import, then follow these troubleshooting steps or contact support:

  1. Confirm the ruleset name(s) in the organization.
    1. In the Threat Stack UI, in the left navigation pane, click Rulesets.
    2. Confirm the names and spelling of each ruleset to import during registration.
  2. Verify your agent registration script uses the exact same ruleset name(s) as the organization.
    1. Names contain the same spaces.
    2. Names contain the same capitalization.
    3. Names are spelled the same.
    4. Names do not the comma special character in ruleset name(s).
    5. If a - d do not match the organization’s ruleset name(s), then correct the names in the Agent registration script.
  3. In the command line, run the following command to reset your rulesets:

    sudo cloudsight config --ruleset [ruleset name]


Use a --ruleset [ruleset name] for each ruleset to associate with the agent, such as --ruleset HIPAA --ruleset PCI etc.

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