Integrating With VictorOps


VictorOps is the real-time incident management platform that combines the power of people and data to embolden DevOps pros to handle incidents as they occur. VictorOps integrates with enterprise monitoring systems, and ingests information in order to intelligently route actionable incidents to the right team for real-time response (via SMS, email, or phone call).

Threat Stack's VictorOps integration allows you to send alerts of your choosing to VictorOps and alert your teams. It is available to our PRO level users only.

You will need to get a webhook URL from VictorOps. Recommended steps are: 

1. Click on Settings in VictorOps.


2. Click on Integrations.


3. Scroll down to and click on REST Endpoint.


4. Click the green Enable Integration button to enable the integration. 


5. Copy the URL you are given. The digits at the end are unique to you. The "$routing_key" designator will not be used.


Now configure Threat Stack. 

1. In settings, click on Integrations



2. Enter your chosen name and descriptions for the integration, and the Endpoint URL for VictorOps that you obtained previously. 


3. Choose the types of alerts you want to send to VictorOps.



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