Diagnostic Tools and Support Logs


Threat Stack built a tool to gather system data and logs from hosts when customers experience issues with the Agent installed on their systems. This tool works with all operating systems (OSs).

If you experience issues with your Agent, then run the tool. Attach the output of the tool and a summary of your concerns to an e-mail to support@threatstack.com


Threat Stack actively supports the current Agent and the two previous Agent versions. See the Agent Support Policy article for more information.

  1. Important

    If you use a containerized Agent, then skip to step 2. Support Tools are already installed for your Agent.

    Install the Threat Stack support tools. Depending on your system's package manager, install the tools using either of the following commands:
    apt-get install threatstack-agent-support


    yum install threatstack-agent-support

    This installs the support tools into the folder /opt/threatstack-agent-support/


    If your system uses neither yum nor apt-get, please contact Threat Stack Customer Support to discuss alternative options

  2. CD into the newly installed directory
    cd /opt/threatstack-agent-support
  3. Run the shell script diagnostics.sh.
    sudo ./diagnostics.sh

    This shell script gathers system and agent data, tars the resulting files and log folders, and encrypts it.

  4. Send the encrypted .tar file to support@threatstack.com
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