Integrating Threat Stack Alert Notifications into Slack


Threat Stack integrates with Slack, the leading app for real-time messaging, archiving, and search for modern teams. The integration is aimed to streamline security and Ops team workflows so you can get out of the weeds and back to responding to issues to continuously improve your security posture. As Slack power users ourselves, we’re especially excited about this new integration.

Follow the steps below to get Slack integrated with Threat Stack:

 1. Create a dedicated Slack channel for receiving Threat Stack alert notifications

2. Add a custom integration using incoming webhook option


3. Additionally, configure optional settings for the dedicated slack channel


4. Configure Slack channel details under Threat Stack application for sending alert notifications


5. Verify the designated Slack channel is receiving incoming Threat Stack alert notifications  


A note: Slack integrations typically rate limit on more than 1 message per second. We have had situations where customers are doing automated updates or other bulk jobs and these integrations are temporarily disabled by Slack. They can be reenabled by following a link sent to the Slack owner. 



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