Alert Navigation and Dismissal Reasons


We improved Alert View with tabs about just about a month back and we are back at it completing our two big feature requests:

a) easy way to view contributing events


b) ability to enter alert dismissal reasons


Viewing Contributing Events for Alerts - Users don't have to leave the alerts page anymore!

For viewing contributing events of alerts, the user previously had to click on the alert and a new page would be opened up.  It would get tricky when the user wanted to review the next alert - users had to hit the back page and come back to the alerts page.


With the new contributing events view, users can click on the alert and the contributing event would be displayed right away on the bottom of the page.  The user can click on the next alert and the contributing events view would display the event for the next alert.


Keyboard Shortcuts

/ : search by alert title
j : down
k : up
x : select row
o : show/hide alert detail for currently selected row
ctrl + ] : select next tab
ctrl + [ : select previous tab


Dismissal Reasons for Alerts


Customers can enter a reason for the dismissed alert.  We have couple of canned reasons for dismissals , and the user can enter a custom one.  The alert dismissal reasons is displayed on the "Dismissed Alerts" tab.


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