Suppress or Unsuppress Vulnerabilities



Default Vulnerability Suppression Overview

Based on extensive research, Threat Stack created a list of default suppressions based on the following reasons:

  • Low priority or not an issue
  • No fix or patch available
  • Not applicable due to configuration

You can choose to create additional suppressions or remove an existing suppressions, even the Threat Stack default suppressions, at any time.

To learn more, review the Vulnerability Assessment Feature article.

Suppress a Vulnerability

Remember, the suppression of a vulnerability impacts the entire Threat Stack organization. If you suppress a vulnerability the next time the Vulnerability Assessment runs it will not report on that suppression, even if it is found on new servers and agents.

To suppress a vulnerability, navigate to the Servers page.

1) Select the Vulnerabilities tab to display all active vulnerabilities.

2) Select the package you want to suppress, you can deselect specific CVEs that you do not want to suppress.

3) Select suppression reason within the Actions section.

4) Click the Suppress # Vulnerabilities button.

Congratulations, you created a vulnerability suppression.

Suppress Vulnerabilities in Threat Stack

Unsuppress a Vulnerability

Unsuppressing a vulnerability impacts the entire Threat Stack organization, and means that the CVE will be assessed during the next Threat Stack organization assessment.  

To unsuppress a vulnerability, navigate to the Vulnerabilities tab on the Servers page.

1) On the Vulnerabilities tab, click the Suppressed Vulnerabilites button.

2) In the suppression table, select the suppressions to unsuppress.

3) Within the Actions section, click the Remove # Suppressions button.

Congratulations, you have removed a suppression.

Unsuppress Vulnerabilities in Threat Stack

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  • Is there any way to annotate the suppression other than to choose other? Would like to mark a false positive and provide some references for the basis of that decision.

  • Hi Darryl,

    When you select "other" you can fill out your research and rationale in the text box beneath. And you have access to those notes when you review your suppressed vulnerabilities.


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