How does a user get added to multiple Threat Stack Organizations ?

Many of our customers want multiple Threat Stack organizations created for separate business units, but there are certain users who want to log into those multiple Threat Stack organizations.

Here is how it works.

For example - Let’s say John owns "first org". Peter owns the "second org", but Peter wants to be a user under both organizations (orgs). These are the steps that need to be performed to make this happen.

  • John will send an invite to Peter by navigating to Settings > Users Tab > User Management (from his Threat Stack account).
  • Peter will receive an email invitation to join John's organization.
  • Peter should first log into his Threat Stack account. The browser will display the org he already belongs to.
  • Peter should click the email link to accept the invitation to John's org.

Peter will now be logged into the two organizations and will be able to view information for both organizations, separated respectively, when he logs into the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform.

Peter will see the two orgs in the drop down.


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