AWS Integrations Overview


Threat Stack offers three integrations with AWS. You can choose to enable one, two, or all three of these integrations in a few easy steps.

  1. AWS Configuration Auditing: Checks your AWS configurations against a set of Security best practices. Identify opportunities to harden your configuration. Get visibility into Security settings throughout your AWS environment. (Click here for more details).
  2. CloudTrail Alerting: Allows you to create rules and alert on CloudTrail events. Get notified of suspicious behaviors in your AWS API usage. Gain visibility into changes being made in your AWS environment.
  3. EC2 Sync: Provides visibility into all EC2 instances in your account. Ensure each instance is monitored by a Threat Stack agent. Manage your servers using EC2 tags.

To get started, we need to know which integrations you would like to enable. Which of these describes you?

  1. I want to get started with AWS Configuration Auditing, CloudTrail and EC2 Sync using a CloudFormation template (fastest/easiest method - Click here).
  2. I want to get started with AWS Configuration Auditing, CloudTrail, and EC2 Sync via manual setup steps. (Click here)
  3. I want to get started with AWS Configuration Auditing and EC2 Sync only. (Click here)
  4. I want to add CloudTrail to my existing Configuration Auditing and EC2 integration. (Click here)
  5. I want to add Configuration Auditing to my exiting CloudTrail and EC2 integration. (Click here)

Frequently asked questions about Configuration Auditing are here.



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