AWS Integrations Overview

F5 Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection (AIP) offers three integrations with AWS. You can choose to enable one, two, or all three of these integrations in a few easy steps.

  • CloudTrail Alerting

    Enables you to create rules to alert on CloudTrail events. Notifies you of suspicious usage behaviors in your AWS API. Provides visibility into changes made in your AWS environment.

  • EC2 Sync

    Provides visibility into all EC2 instances in your account. Monitors each instance with a Distributed Cloud AIP Agent. Manages servers using EC2 tags.

  • AWS Configuration Auditing

    Checks your AWS configuration against security best practices. Identifies opportunities to strengthen your configuration. Provides visibility into your security settings through your AWS environment.

Getting Started

Before we can help you get started on your Distributed Cloud AIP security journey, we need to know which of the following integrations you want to enable:

CloudFormation Instructions
Enable using the CloudFormation template and get started with AWS Configuration Auditing, CloudTrail, and EC2 Sync.
Manual Setup Instructions
Enable with Manual Setup and get started using AWS Configuration Auditing, CloudTrail, and EC2 Sync.
Leveraging Existing CloudTrail
Enables you to leverage your existing AWS CloudTrail resources in your Distributed Cloud AIP Cloud Security Platform integration.
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