How to Enable Server Tagging


How to set up Server Tags to group servers.  This will give you the ability to filter by Server Tag, in alerts, and only see those alerts associated with that tagged group of servers.

  1. Click on the Server Page (left hand panel)
  2. Select the Servers you want to group together by tag
  3. Add tags
  4. Select ‘Assign Tags to Server’


5) In the popup, create the Tag as "key:value”.  In my example I used ‘Test:ServerGroupA’

  • Once you have created the Server Tag, you can filter on that server group by selecting the tag in the ‘All Tags” box on the upper right of the Server Page.  This will list out only the servers in that tagged group.


Alert Filtering (**Refresh your screen before filtering by a new tag)


  • You can then use the Tag to filter on the alert page for alerts associated with that tagged group of servers
  1. Go to Alert Page:
  2. Select the Server Tag you want to filter on:




  • Once the Server Tag is selected, you will see alerts only associated with that Tagged group of servers



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