Alert View

Organizing, viewing, and curating alerts is a vital piece of the workflow in managing security of cloud environments.


The default view of the Alert Trends histogram is now seven days. Double-clicking the histogram reverts to displaying a date range covering one year.



If a rule that triggered an alert is deleted, a generic icon (Placeholder_icon.png) displays on the Alerts page instead of the icon associated with the triggered rule.

Alert Tabs

The following alert tabs are displayed on the Alerts page:

  • Sev 1: Displays a histogram and a list for the highest level of alerts.
  • Supervised Learning: Displays a histogram and a list of alerts generated by Supervised Learning (SL) in your AIP environment. For more information, see Supervised Learning Overview.
  • Sev 2: Displays a histogram and a list for the second highest level of alerts.
  • Sev 3: Displays a histogram and a list for the third highest level of alerts.
  • CloudTrail: Displays a histogram and a list of alerts related to CloudTrail events in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. For more information, see Get Started with CloudTrail Alerting.


    To view CloudTrail alerts, ensure you have enabled integration of your AWS environment within the AIP CSP. For more information, see AWS Integrations Overview.

  • All Active Alerts: Displays a histogram and a list of all active alerts.
  • Dismissed Alerts: Displays a histogram and a list of dismissed alerts.
    • When you dismiss an alert, it is removed from view. If the behavior happens again, the alert will re-appear.
Add a New Alert Tab

You can customize the Alerts page by adding a new tab.

  1. Click the Add New Tab button


    The + Add New Tab dialog displays.


  2. After specifying a tab name and description, click the Add New Tab button.


    The newly added tab displays with its name and description.


  3. Click the expand / collapse button to display the available filter options.


  4. Within the filter pane, you can perform the following actions:
    • Delete the custom tab: Click the Delete Tab link to remove the custom tab from the Alerts page.
    • Save your filter options: Click the Save button to register your changes.

    For more information about modifying your filters, see Alert Filtering Options below.


  5. After making your changes, click the expand / collapse button to close the filter pane.
View a Hidden Alert Tab

You can display hidden tabs on the Alert page.

  1. Click the Hidden Tabs button.


    The Select a Tab dialog displays.


  2. Search or select the tab name to display. In this example, Dismissed Alerts was selected.

    The tab is now visible on the Alerts page. To revert to hiding the tab, click the close icon (x) to remove it.


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