How to Re-register an Agent


If you visit your Dashboard and the Server Statistics widget does not show the expected number of Monitored Servers, you will need to re-register your agents.

In order to re-register your agents, you'll need your Deployment Key, which can be found in Configuration > Application Keys.

The process to re-register an agent requires commands to be run locally on the host to reassociate with the platform. The command must be run by a system user with administrative (root) access. It is acceptable to run in parallel across your environment, however, we highly recommend running it on a single server first to confirm it successfully comes online.
  1. sudo cloudsight stop
  2. sudo rm /opt/threatstack/cloudsight/config/.secret
  3. sudo cloudsight setup --deploy-key=<key> (This will place your agent into the default ruleset. If you want it placed in a specific ruleset, then specify with --ruleset="<rule set name>" option or in the application.)
    Note: You can specify multiple rules sets for an agent by having multiple rule set names comma separated in the ruleset parameter.
  4. sudo cloudsight restart

How do I know if I need to re-register my agent?

You can test to see if your agent needs to be re-registered by looking for: "Agent has been revoked. Shutting down." in /opt/threatstack/cloudsight/logs/cloudsight.log.

If you need any assistance in re-registering your agents, don't hesitate to contact us at

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