Agent and OS Support Policy


App Infrastructure Protection (AIP) supports specific versions of the Agent and Operating Systems (OSs). Understanding key aspects of this support model helps customers make informed decisions on when to update, upgrade, or make other changes to their infrastructure.

Support Policy

AIP Agent

AIP supports the latest version of the Agent and the previous two minor Agent releases. To view a list of the currently supported Agents, see System Requirements.

OS and Supported Software

AIP also supports the latest version of an OS and the previous two releases of that OS. Additionally, AIP supports the latest release of any software supported by that OS (such as a chat or email integration) and the previous two releases of that software. To view a list of currently supported OSs, see System Requirements.

Support Requests

AIP reserves the right to refuse service of an unsupported Agent, OS, or software supported by the OS, and may request the customer upgrade to a supported version to determine whether or not the current version resolves their issue.

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