Data Retention Policy

F5 Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection (AIP) stores data within the platform for a limited amount of time for compliance and security reasons. The following data retention periods apply automatically to all Distributed Cloud AIP tenants:

  • Raw events – All events that Distributed Cloud AIP ingests. Distributed Cloud AIP retains raw events according to your company's retention policy – a period of one to three days.
  • Contributing events – Events that trigger alerts. Distributed Cloud AIP retains contributing events for one calendar year from the date of the triggered alert.


All alerts have event data tied to them. If needed, you can search for event data from specific alerts within the one-year retention period.

If you need a longer retention period for event data, then you can set up the Data Portability feature to bulk export raw event data from Distributed Cloud AIP into your Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket(s).

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