API v2 Announcements



API v2 Announcements

API v2 Announcements!

The Threat Stack API v2 will be available for beta at the end of Q3!

We plan to deprecate API v1 in November, 2017. We intend to have API v2 available live as we deprecate v1.

API v2 Beta

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Our goal is to give you ample time to migrate and test the new integrations. To ease your transition we are creating:

  • Developer Migration Checklist
  • Threat Stack v2 Documentation
  • v1 to v2 Endpoint Mapping

As we move forward, all new functionality added to the Threat Stack platform will only be added to API v2.


If you want your Threat Stack integrated applications to continue working after API v1 is retired, you must fully migrate it to API v2.

What's New!

The new and exciting v2 features and functionality includes:

  1. API Developer site
  2. Alert Count endpoint
  3. Vulnerabilities endpoint
  4. Monitored and non-monitored servers
  5. More advancements coming soon...


Overview of the usability, reliability, and performance improvements:

  1. Uniform error responses
  2. Specific agents endpoint
  3. JSON structure enhanced for existing queries
  4. Queries passed as a part of the URL
  5. Results pagination for large endpoint results for Agents and Alerts
  6. Renamed the organization header to “organization-id”

Get it now!

To learn more about the API v2 beta participation, contact product@threatstack.com or your Customer Success Manager directly.

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