Threat Stack Agent CoreOS Installation Overview


As of June 2017, Threat Stack supports CoreOS Stable channel v1353.8.0 and later.

1. Install the Agent Software

Latest CoreOS Installer

To install the agent software, run CoreOS installer from the untarred package directory:  


The Threat Stack Agent installer installs the agent software and dependencies under: /opt/threatstack and it installs the agent as a standard systemd service.


A-f or --force option suppresses the interactive prompt.

2. Configure the Agent Software

The first time you start the agent, provide your deploy key to authenticate with the Threat Stack service.

Run /opt/threatstack/bin/cloudsight setup --deploy-key=KEY


KEY is your deploy key.Threat Stack requires that you provide the deploy key to authenticate.

CoreOS automatically enables container monitoring. To disable it, run:

/opt/threatstack/bin/cloudsight config enable_containers=0

/opt/threatstack/bin/cloudsight restart

3. Check the Service Connection Status

To check the status of the service connection and various services maintained by the agent, run:  /opt/threatstack/bin/cloudsight status.

To see more options, run: /opt/threatstack/bin/cloudsight --help

To verify that your agent is connected inside the Threat Stack application, navigate to the Servers page.

Uninstall the Threat Stack Agent on CoreOS

To uninstall CoreOS run rm -r /opt/threatstack /etc/init.d/cloudsight

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