Single Sign-On (SSO) Feature Overview

What are we releasing?

Single Sign On SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) 2.0 integration for user authentication.

How does it work?

As a customer, you can integrate a Threat Stack organization with your SSO identity provider (IdP) for user authentication. This integration is supported by service provider (SP) initiated generic SAML 2.0 integration.

Supported IdPs for SSO Beta

Threat Stack supports the following IdPs for the SSO Beta program:

  • Okta (SAML)
  • OneLogin (SAML)
  • Google (SAML)
  • JumpCloud (SAML)

Try it Out! (Beta)

As an owner, you can opt into this feature by going to the SETTINGS page, scrolling to the Enable Beta Features section, and checking the Single Sign-On Configuration checkbox.


This enables and displays the Authentication tab.


Click here for setup instructions. For additional IdP support, contact your CSM or

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