The Threat Stack Dashboard Display


The dashboard contains a comprehensive summary section which includes an Overview subsection and an Alerts by Ruleset subsection. There is also an Infrastructure section and widgets for an optimized information workflow experience.


Header - Easier Navigation

The header section to reflects the Dashboard components. You can click on an icon to jump to the section.

NOTE: Available sections vary by package.


The Summary Section

The Summary section contains two subsections: Overview and Alerts by Ruleset.


The Overview subsection displays an “at a glance” view of your Configuration Auditing, Software Vulnerabilities, and Alerts.

  • Configuration Auditing - displays what percentage of your resources passed evaluation out of the number Threat Stack evaluated in your AWS profiles.
  • Software Vulnerabilities - displays packages with high or medium rated CVEs across servers and AMIs.
  • Alerts - displays the number of Severity 1 and Severity 2 alerts that Threat Stack found.


Alerts by Ruleset

The Alerts by Ruleset subsection displays the current number of Severity 1 and Severity 2 alerts associated with each Rule Set you enabled in Threat Stack.


Infrastructure Section

The Infrastructure section contains Configuration Auditing Results and results by AWS service. Additionally, it displays the EC2 properties and CloudTrail widgets. The Infrastructure section displays for Audit, Basic, Advanced and Pro packages.

Additional Sections

This dashboard also contains the Host, Vulnerabilities, and Network sections.


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