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Welcome to Threat Stack!

This page will help you get started with your Threat Stack Trial or your Threat Stack Trial!

Before you begin your setup process, check the System Requirements article.

If you already setup your account, proceed to the Integrating Threat Stack Auditing with AWS article.

Create Account

If you need to sign up for a trial, fill out the Threat Stack Trial request form. If you signed up for a trial but do not see your invitation, check your spam folder.

From your Threat Stack trial invitation:

1) Click the Accept Invitation button. The Threat Stack Login and Create Account page displays.


2) On the right side of the Login and Create Account page, fill out the form fields.


You must use the same email address on the form that you used to sign up for the trial.


3) After filling out your information, including a password, click the Create Account button.


You created your account within Threat Stack, congratulations!

Enable 2 Factor Authentication and Access Threat Stack

Now that you have created your Threat Stack account, you can:

  • Enable two factor authentication (2fa) and access Threat Stack.
  • Access Threat Stack without enabling 2fa.


Enter Threat Stack Setup 2 Factor Authentication


We recommend that you enable two factor authentication (2fa) as a part of your Threat Stack account setup. If you don't want to enable 2fa now, you can enable it later from the Settings page.

1) To enter Threat Stack immediately, click the Skip button.

2) Accept the Threat Stack Terms of Service Agreement by clicking Yes, I accept the above agreement button.

Congratulations! You have set up your Threat Stack account. We recommend, navigating to the Get Started page to begin in app set up.

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