Namespaces in F5XC and Distributed Cloud AIP

To set up an F5 Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection (AIP) organization, you must have an F5 Distributed Cloud (F5XC) account with which you are a tenant owner of at least one namespace OR have one of the following roles in the system namespace:

  • f5xc-aip-admin
  • f5xc-aip-user
  • f5xc-aip-user

For more information, see Account Roles.

F5XC tenants’ configuration objects are grouped under namespaces, which function as administrative domains within F5XC. Every F5XC tenant receives a default namespace. For more information, see the Namespaces section of F5XC’s Core Concepts article.

Distributed Cloud AIP generates your organization’s name according to its corresponding F5XC namespace name. For example, if your F5XC namespace is called default, then your Distributed Cloud AIP organization is called <your tenant cname> - default.

Create Additional Namespaces

You need a namespace for each of your Distributed Cloud AIP organizations. If you want to set up multiple organizations, you need to create multiple namespaces in F5XC.


Existing Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform (CSP) users who have multiple organizations: When you migrate from Threat Stack to Distributed Cloud AIP, your Distributed Cloud AIP Customer Success representative will create the appropriate namespaces for each of your existing organizations for you.

To create additional F5XC namespaces:

  1. Log into F5XC.
  2. Click the Account icon in the top right corner. The Account dropdown menu displays.
  3. Select Account Settings. The My Account page opens.
  4. In the Personal Management section of the left Administration panel, select My Namespaces. The My Namespaces page displays.

  5. Click the + Add Namespace button. The Add Namespace menu displays.

  6. Enter the necessary information. In the Assign Users and Explicit Roles section, ensure that you assign all additional users one of the f5xc-aip-admin, f5xc-aip-monitor, or f5xc-aip-user roles.


    Each namespace must have a unique name.

    Check your spelling — namespaces cannot be renamed. For more information, see Can the "namespace" be renamed?.

  7. Click the Add Namespace button. The new namespace displays in the list on your My Namespaces page.

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